Problem using crossref XML export plugin

Hello all,
I enabled the crossref XML export plugin as instructed in the PKP’s Crossref OJS Manual.
But issue is that after assigning the DOI to the articles and publishing them, when I visit the crossref plugin page there is no queue of articles in the article section to select and proceed. attaching an image file as well.

Kindly help!

Hello Tia,

Thanks for your message. I don’t see a record in our system for the journal in your screenshot, which means we have not yet received your submissions. Thus, I believe the error is with the configuration of OJS.

Unfortunately, OJS is not our system so we’re limited in how much we can help you in its use.

You can learn more at PKP’s Crossref OJS Manual, plus there’s a very active PKP Community Forum which has more information on how to modify your OJS instance to submit metadata and register DOIs with Crossref.

Alternatively you can contact the Support team at PKP, the organization responsible for the Open Journal System (OJS).


Hi @ammarahameed

If your journal already has an article published, just unpublish the publication and publish it again, this will make the article appear in the tab to be exported.


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Thank you, @abec! I hope this will solve your problems with submitting metadata to us @ammarahameed.


Hi @ammarahameed

follows suggestion. review all the configuration and enabling of the plugin according to the PKP OJS tutorial. after check if the published articles are defined and if the DOI website appears on the article’s web page. I think it will work.

And export to Crossref

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