Crossref OJS first name error

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Crossref as of last week. I set up the plugin to register articles in OJS version fairly easily, but I received an error regarding surname. I looked at the XML export and realized the entire name was being put into the first name field.

Is this an error with OJS, or the Crossref plugin? And does anyone have an idea how to resolve this?


Hi @utrg,

Thanks for posting, and welcome to the community forum!

That sounds like an issue on the OJS side of things (the Crossref plugin in also maintained by PKP, the organization responsible for the Open Journal System (OJS)). You can learn more at PKP’s Crossref OJS Manual, plus there’s a very active PKP Community Forum which has more information on how to modify your OJS instance to submit metadata and register DOIs with Crossref.

That said, I am curious if we are receiving the metadata that you are submitting. Can you share with me your Crossref username and/or prefix? Or, perhaps the DOI you are attempting to register with us where you are receiving this error?

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Thanks Isaac,

Here’s one of the DOIs: 10.51734/crdr.v2i1.35

I’m pretty sure they didn’t go through, the plugin lists them all as failed.

I’m trying to figure out if it’s something we can fix in OJS’s configuration, maybe something isn’t matching up metadata wise.


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Hi Justin,

You’re right. As you can see here: that DOI has not yet been registered (you’ll no longer receive a DOI Not Found error once it has been registered).

I also checked our system for past submissions from username utrg (prefix 10.51734). Unfortunately, we haven’t received any of those submissions made through OJS yet, so that indicates to me that the error is on the OJS end of this and that you’ll need to work with PKP to correct the configuration error(s).

I wish I had a more satisfying answer,

Thanks Isaac,

I tested with another journal and was able to successfully register the DOIs:

I’m working with our OJS host to figure out why the XML is different between the two journals.

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Sounds good, Justin. Very happy to learn that you are able to register DOIs. I hope your OJS host can help you get this resolved soon.

@utrg, I am curious. Did you solve the problem? We have got a similar problem with OJS. And the plugin behaves different in different journals.


Hi @edvin.e,

We worked out the problem was from upgrading OJS from 2.x to 3.x. I don’t know exactly how the issue was fixed because our OJS is hosted by Texas Digital Libraries. Here’s what our helpdesk person said:

That’s the trick that was getting me, its not with the USERS, but the AUTHORS! They’re separate so you can have authors that aren’t members of the journal.

Also, you can edit users any time, but once an item is published, you can’t edit the author(s).

I think that’s where the issue was caused…you have to enter the author at submission time, if they aren’t a register’s user. I’m betting whomever entered them was confused by what “given name” meant and put the full name there.

My script is working except for people that have “three names”. I’m fixing this now.