Suffix creation problem for new member

“crossref xml plugin for ojs” step by step guide is needed for new members . " export / import tool on Dash board" is not clear .

Hello @GVYT00,

You can find some details for setting up you OJS instance with the Crossref in documentaion here:

I hope this helps, if you have further questions then unfortunately, OJS is not our system so we’re limited in how much we can help you in its use.

You can learn more at PKP’s Crossref OJS Manual, plus there’s a very active PKP Community Forum which has more information on how to modify your OJS instance to submit metadata and register DOIs with Crossref.

Alternatively you can contact the Support team at PKP, the organization responsible for the Open Journal System (OJS).


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DOIs are unique, permanent identifiers that can be used to identify and cite articles, books, and other scholarly works.


You must have an OJS account with administrator privileges.
You must have a Crossref membership.


Install the CrossRef XML Plugin

a. Go to your OJS dashboard.
b. Click on Plugins.
c. Click on Browse Plugins.
d. Search for CrossRef XML Export Plugin.
e. Click on Install.

Configure the CrossRef XML Plugin

a. Go to Plugins > Import/Export > CrossRef XML Export Plugin.
b. Click on Settings.
c. Enter your Crossref membership details.
d. Click on Save.

Export XML Files

a. Go to Tools > Import/Export > CrossRef XML Export Plugin.
b. Click on Articles.
c. Select the articles you want to export.
d. Click on Export.
e. Save the XML files to your computer.

Deposit XML Files in Crossref

a. Go to the Crossref Deposit page.
b. Click on Deposit XML.
c. Select the XML files you want to deposit.
d. Click on Deposit.

Verify DOI Assignment

a. Go to the Crossref DOI Lookup page.
b. Enter the DOI of an article you exported.
c. Click on Lookup.
d. Verify that the article information is correct.

Thaks, it is step by step guide, what we were lookin for . Thanks angain.