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Allow title/journal level editing for transferred title/publication


It would be nice to have editing journal/title level DOI record feature on metadata manager or with XML deposits after title level transfer (especially to fix typos or update name/abbreviation info).

Searching and adding existing publication, than editing that record did not work.

We have faced that issue 2 times before.

Latest issue


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Hi @hdogan. Good to hear from you again.

I saw your exchange with Shayn at the link you included. I am going to copy Shayn’s response to your enquiry here, so others can reference it to better understand Metadata Manager:

When Bilimsel Tip Publishing House (10.5578) was the registrant for this journal, they submitted the journal title as:
Kosuyolu Heart Journal

So, that’s the title we have in our records.

When you first deposit metadata for a given journal, the journal-level metadata (journal title, ISSN(s), journal-level DOI if you choose to include one, and the publisher/DOI prefix) are used to form a title record for that journal in our system. All future deposits for that journal must match that title record exactly, or else you’ll get a failure error like the one you received.

The journal title you used in this metadata deposit is:
Koşuyolu Heart Journal

Note the difference in the “s” vs “ş”.

That error is pointing out that the journal title you put in your deposit doesn’t match the journal title in our records for the given ISSN.

If you know that a title will be deposited differently from the way the prior publisher submitted it, it’s always helpful if you mention that when you request the title to be transferred.

I will modify our title record for this journal from “Kosuyolu Heart Journal” to “Koşuyolu Heart Journal” now, and re-run that last deposit.

As Shayn said, we can make changes to the title in our admin tool title records, but making those changes within Metadata Manager is just more challenging. Both the admin tool records and Metadata Manager are built for persistence, so we limit the journal-level changes that can be made in order to preserve links between records. We want to ensure that small changes do not disrupt our ability to match your references to other content and vice versa, so the system is rigid and thus changes like this one require intervention from someone like Shayn or myself to ensure consistency of your content.