Importing previously registered DOIs into Metadata Manager

Hi @Anjum,

Some of my colleagues told me that you were seeking clarity about adding DOIs to Metadata Manager that you have previously registered in the web deposit form. If you used the same journal-title-level DOI in the web deposit form registration as you are now using in Metadata Manager for the journal that the articles are registered to, you can add those articles to Metadata Manager using the ‘+add existing articles’ search box in your journal workspace. it looks like this:

In my example image, I want to add the article titled ‘article test 503 errrrrr’ to The Journal of Test Deposits workspace, so that I can update the metadata that I initially registered for this DOI via the web deposit form. I have searched by the title in the ‘article’ search field and will click ‘add’ on the ‘article test 503 errrrrr’ article. Once I do, Metadata Manager will open this article within Metadata Manager so that I can make any necessary changes/updates to the metadata record. Once I have made my changes/updates, I would save those changes/updates and then deposit them, so the changes/updates would be made to the metadata record we have for the ‘article test 503 errrrrr’ journal article.

We have designed Metadata Manager for this use case for previously registered DOIs - that is, for those previously registered DOIs that you’d like to update or correct, you can easily import the DOIs and their existing metadata, make your metadata changes/updates, and easily deposit those changes/updates to us (metadata changes/updates to previously registered DOIs are always free).

I hope this answers your questions. Please let me know if this clarifies the process.

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Hi @ifarley,

Thank you for the suggestion. I got it. It will help my team.

Metadata Manager has solved many problems which were not possible in Web deposit form (like updated of old DOIs).


My pleasure, Anjum. I’m always happy to help.

One point of note: it is possible to update metadata using the web deposit form. If you are submitting metadata through the web deposit form, your new submission for an existing DOI will overwrite the metadata that you previously registered for that DOI, so it is possible to use the web deposit form. That said, the web deposit form does not have the number of metadata elements that Metadata Manager does, so I understand your preference.

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