Moving ISSN to a new Prefix

Hello @ifarley, I guess you can help us with this subject.

My firends Danielle and Mariana, from Sociedade Brasileira de Cardiologia just became a member and got their own Prefix.

Until now they were depositing DOIs for their 2 Journals via another prefix.

The previous Prefix is 10.5935

The new Prefix is 10.36660

They tried to deposit DOIs using Metadata Manager and an error showed up by the end saying the ISSN is linked to another Prefix.

How can we update it?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Bruna!
Thank you so much for all the help!
We will wait an answer from Crossref.


Thank you @BrunaErlandsson. Welcome to the community forum @marianasilveira!

It sounds like you need us to transfer the journal to the new prefix. That’s an easy fix. Can you send me the details (journal ISSN) and confirmation from the previous prefix owner to, so I can update our records?

Also, our responses might be a little slower than usual, as many of us are away at the Frankfurt Book Fair this week.

My best,

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Done :slight_smile:

Aha! I felt it was a lil bit quiet here, haha

Thanks once again!

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Aw, is this really necessary? I mean, the previous prefix is from a private company and it might take a while.

The fact that @marianasilveira is now a member and works for the Society that owns the journals (ISSN) isn’t enough to go ahead with this change? :worried:

I’m sorry, my third message in a row, haha:joy:

@ifarley, I’ve got a message form Crossref (Amanda) saying that the Title Transfer should be posted/updated at ISSN Portal or then a clear message from the previous prefix owner as you mentioned.

If you search for the Sociedade Brasileira de Cardiologia Jounals (the prefixes are: 1678-4170 and 2359-5647) you will find out that these journals are linked to SBC (expected! haha) and not to the private company that were depositing the DOIs.

This is because the company was just offering a service (DOIs deposit under their prefix) and they do not own the content of SBC at all!

Let me know what you think, please!

Hi @BrunaErlandsson and @marianasilveira. Since we have confirmation from the ISSN Centre (thanks for including the screenshot), I am able to transfer these ISSNs to the rightful owner. I’ll need a screenshot or link for the other journal too.

If you can send me the details - confirming the ISSNs and the links at the ISSN Centre - to, I’ll get this transfer completed.

Thank you!


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Thank you, @ifarley! We replied the Crossref Support (Amanda) and she transfered :wink:

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Oh, that’s great! Glad Amanda could help you with that transfer!


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