What license are Crossref XSD files published under?

Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere.

I’m writing unit tests for Janeway that validate our deposit XML files against Crossref’s XSD files. To do this I need to copy some of Crossref’s XSD files into the Janeway GitHub repository.

I can get the XSD files from Crossref’s GitLab repository, which doesn’t declare a license, or from crossref dot org, which declares a CC-BY 4.0 license.

Is the CC-BY license what I should use when copying the XSD files? Or is there another license for software in the Crossref GitLab repo? I need to figure this out to make sure we are keeping the Janeway code compliant with our license, the GNU Afferro General Public License.

Thanks for your help.

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Hi @joemull ,

Thanks for your question, and welcome to the community forum. Good question! The schema itself and the XML files in Gitlab are under the same CC BY 4.0 license as the API and our website.

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