Information on grant registration


I am wondering where can I find definitions or more detailed descriptions for the “program” node? Is there a full documentation page like this one for crossref4.4.2?

On a different note, the link to the example deposit file on this page seems obsolete as it points to the 0.0.1 version on GitLab.


Hello @xdeng,

Thanks for the message.

Are you looking for the Grant schema docs? You can find the schema documentation here: Schema documentation for namespace

The program element specifically can be found here: Schema documentation for namespace

There are other program elements relating to licensing, funders and clinical trials but I hope this information was what you were looking for. If not then please do let me know the parts you are looking for and I will try to get those details over to you as well.

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Thanks, @pdavis for pointing to the schema docs. That’s the page I was looking for.

We use the term “program” to refer to a funding mechanism. So it seems funding-scheme is what I should use, rather than program.

Thanks again!