Test.crossref.org submission queue down

Hello there. I’m a developer on the PubPub team. I’m trying to submit some test deposits to test.crossref.org. I’m not seeing them snow up in the queue, nor do I see any records appearing in my submission administration results. It looks like the queue status is “Suspended” – does this indicate that test.crossref.org is down for deposit submission right now?

Hi. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

The test system queue and the production system queue were both suspended for our planned maintenance earlier today. The maintenance was completed about an hour ago, and the production queue was automatically reactivated at that point, but the test system queue wasn’t. I’ve manually reactivated it now, and let our developers know about the hitch in the deployment process.


Thanks @Shayn and @emcd . One other bit to add here: our technical team will be fixing this bug in an upcoming sprint. You may follow our progress here: Activating test admin tool queue after weekly deployments (#1417) · Issues · crossref / Issue Tracker · GitLab

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Awesome. Thank you so much for the update! We’ll keep an eye on the ticket.