Public XML metadata API returns 503

Hello (again so soon!) - we’re seeing an issue with the XML public endpoint for works. It returns 503 whilst the JSON equivalent returns 200:

  • 503:
  • 200:

Possibly related to ongoing maintenance work?

Hi @abeechin,

Yes, this is related to the release currently underway. We’re working on a fix. The XML API is also returning a 503 status code error at the moment. So, is It’s unusual for this to happen during a deploy, but not unheard of.


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OK, not to worry - the status page only mentioned deposit systems being affected, not other XML APIs. Glad a fix is already en route :slight_smile:

Yes, we didn’t anticipate that the XML API would be affected during today’s maintenance. I’ve updated the status page so the XML API is also listed there.


Hello again,

We’ve got this sorted. You may now retrieve the metadata for this DOI and any other DOI(s) registered with us using the REST and XML APIs:

My best,