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Dear all,

today my colleagues uploaded the xml file containing the metadata. Following this action, by email .we have received the Crossref feedback that the registration was fine:

Successfully added


The email sender is instead of as usual.

The DOI resolver reports that this DOI doesn’t exist. The Crossref xml parser reports the xml file is well formatted.

I have noted that the is uncommon, while the submission ID is 1432886545 while today in Crossref the submission ID is around 1519228734 (this is an id of another DOI that has been registered with success ).

Why do we receive a message about a DOI registered with success while it is not. Where is the issue and why the email sender is Can we ingest the same xml metadata file?

Thank regards

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Hi Sergio,

You sent these submissions to our test system (, not the production system ( The test system allows you to test the process of submitting metadata, but it does not actually register any DOIs. That’s it’s purpose.

If you send the same deposits to the production system, they should result in successfully registering the included DOIs.


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Ho Shayn, I will check with my colleague the issue.
Thanking in advance, regards