Members multiple passwords

A university has a prefix. And requested the information if there is the possibility of the same prefix have multiple users and passwords, for different sectors.

I agree with @edamasio that University needs multiple users and passwords for different colleges and departments under that particular University.

Good suggestions, @edamasio and @Anjum. We’re working on better accommodating this type of request. Once we have a proper solution in place (still at least months away), perhaps I can ask the two of you to join our test group?

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@ifarley Thank you for the information. I am always ready to join test group of Crossref product. I have already joined beta testing of Metadata Manager and made many constructive suggestions.

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@ifarley. Thank you for the inform. I participate in the tests at future.


Great! Thank you @edamasio and @Anjum. I’ll be in touch once we have reached our testing phase of this project.