Transition from Sponsored Member to Full Member: How do I redeposit old DOIs in OJS?

We switched from sponsored member to full member this year. The website is OJS. The Crossref XML Export Plugin sites all our DOIs from sponsored era as “failed”. I understand it is a timestamp mismatch issue but don’t know how to fix it. The problem includes DOIs from 10.37241/jatss.2020.0 to 10.37241/jatss.2021.36

Hi @Nazmi ,

Thanks for your message. I have reset the timestamps of all 63 DOIs registered on prefix 10.37241. Please retry your submissions and let me know if you encounter any additional problems.

My best,

Every single one of them failed. It says that the registration server returned an error. The error message is:
{“status”:“error”,“message-type”:“route-not-found”,“message-version”:“1.0.0”,“message”:“Route not found”}

We are trying to become eligible to the Ithenticate service. Now all DOIs are bad.

My mistake. I forgot that the password had been changed. Everything is cleared now. They are all active. Thanks for your help.

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Very happy to read that! Glad you got this sorted.