DOI retrieval after journal disappearing

Last year 2021 my journal was assigned a DOI and all articles were assigned DOI numbers. Unfortunately, the journal website experienced some problems and all data was lost. I am now uploading the articles in afresh and would like guidance on how to retrieve the assigned DOIs for each article.

Hi @Mayi ,

Our journal depositor reports is a good place to begin. If you search for your organization name here - : : depositor - you’ll find a list of journals. If you click on the title of those journals, you can find which journal articles have been registered against each journal title.

More information on our depositor reports is available here: Depositor report - Crossref

Take a look and let me know if you have questions,

You can continue uploading fresh articles it well be great for user and searchers both.

I found this helpful and have recovered all DOIs for the articles. Thanks.

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Yes, I have re-uploaded the lost articles.

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