DOI dereferencing does not contain subject URI


When dereferencing a DOI, such as https ://, the response returns nice and tidy RDF, but only about the http :// resource. There are owl:sameAs links to other resources, but not to https :// It would be great if that could be included as the current setup breaks Linked Data browsing.

(Added a space before the colons because of the no-links restriction in forum posts)



Hi Rinke,

That’s a good point. There are ways that our systems treat all the variations of https…, https…,…, and… as if they were the same object, because for practical purposes they are, and the preferred formatting has changed over time. But, you’re right that should be specified in rdf schema. This is something we’ve been loosely aware of for awhile, but haven’t prioritized updating. I’ll pass that along to our technical team for consideration.