Finding DOIs by domain in URL

Hi all!

We are going to be decommissioning a web service soon. We would like to be able to find all DOIs which point to that web service’s domain. I looked at the API docs, and it looks like URL isn’t a field we can query on.

What would be the best approach to solve this problem? Look at the bulk JSON from /blog/free-public-data-file-of-112-million-crossref-records/?

Thanks all!


There’s not a self-service way to get that information at this point.

We’re reconsidering this for the future, but the resolution URLs are intentionally excluded from DOI records in the REST API to prevent users from caching them rather than actually resolving the DOIs through the Handle.

But, if you send us an email to with the DOI prefix and the particular domain, we can pull a report for with that information.


Thanks @Shayn! We’ll have someone contact that email with our request. Appreciate the info.

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