Crossref and Dspace for Dissertations and Thesis

A big university in Brazil needs to assign DOIs to thousands of content, publish to a repository on Dspace, and want to batch deposit metadata. what is the best practice?

You can find our recommendations for Dspace users here

There is not yet an plugin for Dspace (comparable to the OJS Crossref plugin) that would automatically construct and submit the required XML to register DOIs for items in a repository. So, the options for metadata deposit are the same for any other user.

If they can construct their own XML and submit using HTTPs POST, that’s the most efficient method, but also the most technically complicated.

If they can’t construct their own XML or have it created for them by a vendor or service provider, then they’ll have to use the Web Deposit Form to manually enter their metadata.

Also, just to note, because this is an institutional repository, if the DOIs they’re registering will use the Posted Content content type, which is the most appropriate for archived manuscript copies of content formally published elsewhere, there is no manual deposit option for that. They would have to create their own XML.

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Thanks @Shayn . I will send to requester.

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