Adding a Funder to Funder Registry


What are the steps to add a Funder to the Funder Registry list?

There is a specific one (Brazilian) that I couldn’t find: Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado do Rio de Janeiro

Also, when I need I always consult the CSV file. Is there any online (like a droplist maybe) option?

Thank you!

hi Bruna,
As defined in the Funding Data
Access the Crossref Search / Funding data.
Search by FAPERJ. you’ll see the is another name
Fundação Carlos Chagas Filho de Apóio … .

This will happen because the funders are registered by the correct name. not by the name that may be described in the articles. mainly from funders from other countries and different languages.


Hi Bruna,

And thank you, @edamasio, for your response. As Edilson said, you can search using our REST API, as you can see here:

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

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Hi @BrunaErlandsson- hope you are well!

Yes the API or the search tool Edilson mentions:

Did you know that FAPERJ also has a ROR ID (new registry of persistent identifiers for affiliations/organisations)?

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Thanks everyone for the answers.

Ginny! That was the link I was expecting to find :slight_smile: …and I didn’t know about the ROR ID… I’m constantly learning with you guys… many thanks!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi Ginny,

What about the funders which are not listed in the funder registry? Is there any option to add new funder in the funder registry by the member? Also, funders name are in local language at some time. I think all funders name should be in English (in addition to local language) for easy recognition.


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Hi Anjum!

I also asked myself about it previously! You can e-mail Crossref ( and ask to add a new funder, after a verification they will add and create an id for it :slight_smile: I have done that and, as usual, it was very effective and quick!

Regarding the names in English, I don’t know about the rest of the World, but here in Brazil it is strongly recommended to never translate the name of any institution or organisation! :slight_smile:

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Ginny, the search tool mentioned previously inform lot of information but does not inform the DOI of the Funder. Am I wrong? I got it by downloading the .csv file available at the Crossref website. That (the DOI) was the information I was looking for to add on a manuscript! :slight_smile:

Also, now with ROR (I took a look), what is the best practice? Should I also show the ROR ID at the manuscript? Wouldn’t it be redundant since we have the funder registered at Crossref already?:thinking:

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Hi Bruna,

Thank you for the information. I have gathered some funder names yet to send to Crossref. I am happy that you have done it and it was very effective and quick!

English name of the funder should be applied alternatively to the original name for easy identification. Also, I have seen that some funders name are without country name so, it is difficult to identify those.

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Hi Anjum, Yes you can just email us as @BrunaErlandsson says to request a new addition to the registry. When fully implemented at the Crossref end the funder registry will fold into ROR entirely - we won’t need both. ROR will always aim to include the versions of the institution/funder name including former rebranded names and translations. Having the persistent identifier means the name/translation variations are connected and so it’s less vital to get exactly the correct version in a submission of a manuscript. That’s the intention anyway!



Hi Ginny,

Thank you for the information.