About the Interfaces for People category

To retrieve metadata from Crossref, you do not need to be a member. We have various options for retrieving metadata - some are more suitable for human use, and some for machine use.

There are two interfaces for people (to look up small numbers of DOIs): Metadata Search, and Simple Text Query.

Service name Description
Metadata Search Metadata Search is our primary user interface for searching and filtering of our metadata. It can be used to look up the DOI for a reference or a partial reference or a set of references, to look up metadata for a content item, submit a query on an author’s name, or find retractions registered with us. It can also be used to search and filter a number of elements, including funding data, ISSN, ORCID iDs, and more.
Simple Text Query Simple Text Query is a tool designed to allow anyone to look up DOIs for multiple references. As such it’s particularly useful for members who want to link their references. Members can even use this tool to add linked references to their metadata.

Please use this category for questions or discussions about our human interfaces for metadata retrieval.