About the Interfaces for Machines category

There are APIs for machines (to look up metadata records or DOIs in volume), including: REST API, XML API, OAI-PMH, and OpenURL.

API name Description
REST API The REST API outputs in JSON and enables sophisticated, flexible machine and programmatic access to search and filter our metadata. It can be used, for example, to look up the metadata for a content item or submit a query on an author’s name or find retractions registered with us. It also allows users to search and filter on a number of elements, including a funder, or all content items with ORCID iDs. The REST API is open to all and it is included in the Metadata Plus service.
OpenURL This API lets you look up a Crossref DOI for a reference, using a standard that is popular in the library community, and particularly with link resolver services.
OAI-PMH This API outputs in XML and uses a standard popular in the library community to harvest metadata. The OAI-PMH API is optimized to return a list of results matching the query parameters (such as publication year). The OAI-PMH API is included in the Metadata Plus service.
XML API The XML API supports XML-formatted querying. The XML API is optimized to return the best fit DOI based on the metadata supplied in the query.

If you have any questions or want to join discussions about using any of our APIs to retrieve your metadata, then this is the place to do so!