XML for a supplement of a volume

how to add a supplement of a volume of a journal to the XML file?
I know how to deposit XML of an ordinary article. Now I need to deposit XML that is virtually the same as an article, but it is called supplement, because it has its own numbering of pages since the page 1.
Author (2021). Title. Journal, volume 20(suppl. 1): pages 1-37.

This schema is a bit difficult to uderstand:

Could you provide an example, please?

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Hi @michal.manas,

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Is the supplement considered supplementary materials associated with a journal article or set of journal articles?

If so, we’d recommend that you register the supplement as a component and link to its parent (article) DOI or DOIs, as in the documentation and XML example here: Components - Crossref

If that doesn’t quite capture your scenario here, if you can give me more information or possible link to your supplement that might help me guide you.

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Thank you @ifarley .
My supplement is not associated with articles.
The only parent is the volume of the journal.

It is scenario 2 from

that states:

A supplement to a volume of a journal not associated with a specific issue. In this case, simply put in the volume number and then “Suppl.” followed by the number of the supplement.

Rogers, J. W., Kinner, R. L., & Weis, V. (2013).The architecture of the gravitational lens. Astronomicity,16(Suppl. 2), 170-192.


Hi @michal.manas,

I would recommend that you register the metadata at the issue-level like this for your example:

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Excellent! Thank you very much.

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