Where do I open issues with specific ISSNs?

I’ve got various issues I want to raise with ISSNs and the Crossref REST API (similar to Journal of thermal analysis and calorimetry ISSNs are incorrect in REST API (#267) · Issues · crossref / REST API · GitLab) - I used to open these issues in Github, then it moved to Gitlab Issues · crossref · GitLab , but now for Search API it now says to go to Jira. Do I raise issues here in the forum? Or in one of the issue trackers? If Gitlab, which project to pick? Thanks!

Hi, and thanks for your question.

All Crossref metadata comes from the content’s publishers. So, if you’ve found a problem with the accuracy of any metadata (ISSNs/ISBNs or otherwise), ultimately that feedback needs to get to the publisher. Crossref can’t make changes to publisher metadata directly.

If you find a problem with the functioning of the API, that can be reported in JIRA.

But, if the core of the problem is inaccurate or missing metadata, you can email the feedback to support@crossref.org and we’ll pass it along to our contact at the relevant publisher, with a request to evaluate and update the metadata as necessary. And, if you have a means of contacting them, we’d also encourage you to reach out to the publisher directly as well, for the best chance of a quick response and resolution to the problem.


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Thanks. I do not already know who to contact, so it’d be great to let Crossref handle how best to contact each publisher.

These are problems with the metadata itself, not the Crossref API, so I should send an email to support@ then. Is there anyway to track progress of these issues if I email? I assume not.

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If the publisher follows up with us relatively promptly (like, within a week or two), and does make the metadata correction(s), we’ll let you know. Otherwise, we don’t have a way to track them.

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Okay, thanks for your help.