Similarity Check vs. iThenticate for university faculty

I know that iThenticate has a university faculty service (Academic - Solutions | iThenticate), but I was wondering if there is any connection between a Crossref Similarity Check account and the faculty iThenticate service. Can having a Similarity Check account for a publishing program be expanded to include all faculty at the university or is there some combination product available? I have an administrator who is looking into purchasing iThenticate for the university faculty use and wants to understand options, given that we already have Similarity Check in place for our journals. Does anyone have insight into combining these services?

Hi Eric,

Thanks for your post.

The Similarity Check service from Crossref allows you to check material that your organization plans on publishing for similarity to content that has already been published. It is entirely separate from the service that Turnitin offers to institutions to check student work, and access to iThenticate via Crossref’s Similarity Check service cannot be used for this separate purpose.

Similarity Check gives Crossref members reduced-rate access to the iThenticate tool from Turnitin, where they can check their manuscripts against a huge database of already published content.

The reason that Crossref members get a reduced rate is that they provide links to the full text of their own published content in the metadata that they register with us, which can then be indexed by Turnitin into the iThenticate database. This improves the tool for everyone, but that’s also why it doesn’t apply to checking content that’s not part of your institution’s publishing activities.

I hope that helps clarify.