Schema questions: article keywords & journal sections

Hello - hope this is the proper forum category to ask whether there is room in the schema to add article keywords and the journal section an article was published into? Thanks for the help!

Hi @erwinverb. Thanks for this question. Unfortunately, our next schema upgrade does not include either of these suggestions.

We’ve had feedback from some members that they’d like to include keywords in their metadata deposits, and we’ll be considering that for future versions of the schema. But, as it stands, there’s no way to supply those at the moment.

As for journal sections, can you provide some examples from your publications so that I can pass along this suggestion for future consideration?

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Hi Isaac,

With regards to the keywords, it might be useful to point to the DOAJ schema, which uses Dublin Core identifiers -see

With regards to the sections:

  • Journal sections are a feature of the OJS platform, and I would assume other publishing systems, too.
  • For our VIEW Journal, every article gets assigned to either the Discovery section (for e.g. use cases) or to the Exploratory section (for articles that make a more theoretical or methodological contribution.) Both are peer reviewed.
  • Our TMG Journal has a longer history and therefor also a larger variety of sections - some of which are peer-reviewed articles, other contain reviews and non-peer reviewed articles.

Hope this gives some insight. Would be grand if that info could find its way to the schema.

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Thanks for these examples, @erwinverb. The journal sections information coupled with the OJS specifics is helpful! I’ve brought them to the attention of @PFeeney , our Head of Metadata, so they can be considered for future schema upgrades.

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