Rejecting false positive DOI matches with Simple Text Query

I recently began using Simple Text Query, which I absolutely love! However, on occasion it will come up with a false positive, identifying a DOI that doesn’t correspond to the cited item in question. Is there a way to reject such a false positive DOI match before depositing references with the tool so that the metadata isn’t linking articles that aren’t actually the ones being cited? Thanks!

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Hi @bob.amnertiopsis ,

Thanks for your message, and welcome to the community forum. I’m glad you’re appreciating the Simple Text Query form. That’s great news! Unfortunately, the only way to reject a false positive would be to manually start the match process over again by refreshing the Simple Text Query form and changing the reference(s) in question. Not ideal, but we do have longer-term plans to improve that. We don’t yet have a timeline, but these improvements are in the research and planning phase (i.e., early days) on our public roadmap.

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