Query doi through journals

I want to query the corresponding doi number of the journal, including the journal name, issn, eissn. Is there any quick batch query method

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If you just want to match references to DOIs, follow these instructions.

  1. Go to the Simple Text Query form and enter a reference or list of references into the search box.
  2. Optional:
  • select List all possible DOIs per reference to return multiple results
  • select Include PubMed IDs in results to include PubMed IDs
  1. Click Submit

I hope this helps.

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Thank you for your reply.
I tried out the functionality of this site, but it didn’t work as I expected.
I want to know the DOI suffix of a journal, is there a query method?

Hi @wow ,

Maybe a better starting point is to ask what kind of metadata or information do you have to begin your search?

To keep us moving while I await your response, let me propose some options:

If you have an ISSN or maybe just the journal title of the journal in question, our REST API could be a helpful resource. For instance:

Let’s use the journal Contemporary Women’s Writing (eISSN 1754-1476; pISSN 1754-1484) as our starting point. That’s all we know and we want a list of all DOIs registered with Crossref for this journal:

Let’s start with a query using the journal’s print ISSN:

This query is going to give us all the works and all of the metadata registered for each of the journal’s articles that have been registered with us using the print ISSN (20 results at a time):


For comparison, let’s try the electronic ISSN and select for only a portion of the metadata (I’m requesting the article DOIs, article titles, journal title, the volume and issue the article was registered within, and the published date) and also give ourselves more results (rows; I’m requesting 600 rows, so I can view all 513 DOIs that have been registered with us, as of this writing) to review at a time:


Okay. Now, let’s try a different variation, if, say, we only know the title of this journal and nothing more. And, let’s say we’re also curious about cited-by counts for works in the journal Contemporary Women’s Writing. We could query for:


This gives us the top 100 results that most closely match for Contemporary+Women’s+Writing and returns the article DOI, article title, journal title of that article, author(s), and how many other Crossref DOIs have cited each article.

I hope this is helpful,

Very helpful, thank you very much.

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