Participation Report - Licence URLs existing content

Yeah, I’m really exploring the PREP :slight_smile:

So, found out I can add License URL on the metadata of existing content by uploading a CSV file, which would save me lot of time!

However, where can I get a CSV file with all the DOIs deposited under a certain prefix?

Hi @BrunaErlandsson,

Our support team can run a quick report for you to get you a list of DOIs and the resolution URLs we have in our database. I assume the resolution URLs are what you are interested in, right? If so, just send us a message to with your DOI prefix(es) and we’ll send you back a report.

Alternatively, you can also find the resolution URL for any one DOI in our REST API, using this call:[DOI prefix]/[DOI suffix].xml

Like this example:

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Awesome, that’s exactly what I need.

I pass :slight_smile: I’m not friends with XML yet, haha…

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