Missing DOIs/articles in OAI-PMH results


Some results that can be found using CrossRef’s web search cannot be found via OAI-PMH. For example this record:


Is found among the first pages of results for ISSN 0031-8108 when ordering by publication date (sorry we cannot include links in forums!).

The index date in the metadata is 2023-06-20. The deposit date is 2023-05-30. An OAI-PMH ListRecords for items in this journal with “from” and “until” parameters encompassing both dates returns a set of results without resumption token that does not include this item. I cannot include an example link because of forum restrictions, but the http get parameters for the OAI handler are:


It’s not just this item that is missing. All items from volume 132 issue 2 are missing. I noticed because I have an article in that issue!


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Hi @dbourget ,

Thanks for flagging this to us.

You’re right, this DOI is in the REST and XML APIs. I even see it in the journal’s depositor report (a list of all DOIs registered with us for the journal in question).

But, I don’t see it in OAI-PMH either:

I’ve opened a ticket with our technical team to investigate the error. We will look into this error as it is an indexing error and we should be returning the result, but I may not have an update for a couple weeks.


Hi Isaac, has there been any progress on this issue? We’ve found another journal with apparently missing articles (Philosophical Quarterly). We’re starting to suspect a widespread problem.

Hi @dbourget ,

We have not yet prioritized this work. Can you provide me with some DOIs from Philosophical Quarterly that are registered with us, but not appearing in OAI-PMH? With those additional examples, I’ll revisit the priority with our product and technical teams.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @ifarley, it turns out the Philosophical Quarterly articles are now in the OAI-PMH results. They seem to have appeared out of order with respect to their publication date on the publisher’s web site, but we’ve found them now.

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