How to update 2023 public data file

2023 public data file now available with new and improved retrieval options.

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Thank you very much for this welcome!

hello… please tell me how to update public data file?

Dear Jay,

I’m afraid it isn’t possible to make amendments to the public data file, as it’s only a snapshot of the data produced at a specific point in time, once a year. However, please make any amendments you noticed necessary to your records and the changes will be reflected in our metadata corpus, and that will be included in the next public data file we will produce in 2024.

Best wishes,

Dear Kora,

sorry, but I think, the answer was not for me.

I asked how i can correct my OWN recorded metadata (add organisations, licences, page number for chapters …).

Best regards
Brigitte Maier

Hi Brigitte,

Thanks for following up and clarifying. To update or correct the metadata deposited for a DOI you will need to redeposit the DOI with the correct metadata included. Be sure to include all available metadata when redepositing, as the metadata recorded in our system will be overwritten by the new deposit.

If you are editing an XML file that has already been deposited, be sure to increment the value in the field. The number in the timestamp field needs to increase each time a DOI is updated.

And, we never charge our members for metadata updates to existing DOIs previously registered with us.

Kind regards,