How do I correct a mistake in a name in DOI registration?

I entered the wrong name on a DOI registration yesterday. How to I correct that?

Also, the URL for one article changed after a correction. Can I reenter that?

Any help yould be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Hello @MikeZhuhai ,

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To update or correct the metadata deposited for a DOI, including the title of the work and the resolution URL update registered for the DOI, you will need to redeposit the DOI with the correct metadata included. Be sure to include all available metadata when redepositing, as the metadata recorded in our system will be overwritten by the new deposit.

If you are editing an XML file that has already been deposited, be sure to increment the value in the field. The number in the timestamp field needs to increase each time a DOI is updated.

As always, updates to metadata records of existing DOIs are always free.

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