How to Fetch All the Conference Proceedings of just a Particular Publisher

Please how can I fetch all the conference proceedings of just a particular publisher from Crossref using the “GET: /works” endpoint?
I do not want to fetch every conference proceedings from all the publisher, I only want all the conference proceedings data from a particular publisher. Which field can I use in the request query to fetch the data of only a particular publisher from Crossref? Thank you

Hi, and thanks for your question.

You can pair the works endpoint with either the prefixes or members endpoint. So, if you know a publishers member ID, you could query{member-ID}/works?filter=type:proceedings-article

Or, with a prefix{prefix}/works?filter=type:proceedings-article

For example, IEEE’s member ID is 263 and their DOI prefix is 10.1109, so either of these would get you IEEE’s conference papers

Some publishers have multiple prefixes, and others have only one, so that might influence which option you choose.

And if you want just the proceedings-level data, not the individual conference papers, you’d use filter=type:proceedings rather than proceedings-article.


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