How to enter middle name(s) in Metadata Manager?

How can I, for instance, correctly enter the following names in Metadata Manager?

David J. Frank and John W. Meyer

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This is how you would enter David and John’s name into Metadata Manager:

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Thanks, @ifarley !

I have a couple more questions and suggestions for improving the workflow of data entry. I’m not sure whether to post them here in different dedicated threads. What would be most helpful for you and other users?

You can post them here . We’d love to have your thoughts in this thread. This blog post from today about the future of our helper tools and Content Registration might also be something to consider as you’re recording your thoughts and suggestions: Next steps for Content Registration - Crossref


@ifarley When I deposit a reference list via Simple Text Query will it be visible via Metadata Manager (MM)?

The one thing I found annoying about MM so far was that I have to enter journal level data (language, licence information etc.) and issue level data (date of publication) at the journal level again and again. I would prefer these higher level data to be pre-selected and that I could change them if required but to re-select such higher-level data is a waste of time. This might also be relevant for the improvement of the Web deposit form.

Using the reference match utility of MM, often books were recognised as book reviews. This could possibly also improved for similar tools replacing #content-registration:metadata-manager .

There is one possible bug with subtitles when updating metadata but I guess it is now worth going into detail given the imminent deprecation of MM.

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The reference list registered via the Simple Text Query (STQ) form should be updated in the metadata within Metadata Manager, but the sync to Metadata Manager can take up to 24 hours from your successful STQ reference deposit. Are you finding that your reference lists are not being updated within Metadata Manager to reflect your reference deposits in STQ?

As for the journal-level metadata, the journal language only needs to be selected once when establishing the journal in Metadata Manager. If you’re selecting language/license as part of each article, that’s article-level metadata and it’s not required for submission. Additionally, the issue-level metadata is also not a required metadata field.

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