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Hello everyone
I am trying to use pdfmark, but I have not been successful.
It displays the message “Grabbing metadata for 10.5028/jatm.v12.1091”. It creates a new pdf file, but without the Crossmark icon. I researched this problem and it was suggested to use an older version of Java. However, it didn’t work anyway. Would anyone have any other suggestions?
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Yes! If anyone can help Roberto (@abec) with this, it would be awesome.

We are struggling a little bit to use Crossmark but we really would like to understand every step to be able to introduce it the Brazilian journals:)

As he mentioned, one of the problems he has was to add the button on PDF via PDFmark. No success.

My question is: Is there a reason why Crossref suggests PDFmark? Because Roberto told me he used a random PDF-editor-tool and added the button, successfully, in 1 minute :joy:

However, since this is not a suggestion on Crossref page, I’m afraid there is a reason to not follow this easier path…!

Help, please! :woozy_face:

Ps. Roberto is our (ABEC Brasil) IT guy, just clarifying to let you guys know that he has technical skills

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Thanks @BrunaErlandsson and @abec.

I don’t have quite as much experience with Crossmark implementation as my colleague @pdavis. Paul, what do you think?


We don’t fully support the pdfmark and pdfstamp tools as these were labs concept projects that never made into a full release.
As pdfs have evolved into more usable files and as we have moved forward as well you should be able to just add a link to the Crossmark dialog box in your pdf to access the correct Crossmark metadata you have added against your article.

This link below should work for you to add to the pdf:

I hope this is enough to get you going but if I have not explained anything enough then do let me know.



Ok, I didn’t know that!

From my side, its all explained. Lets see if Roberto (@abec) needs something else to keep going!

fingerscrossed :crossed_fingers:

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Hi @BrunaErlandsson , for me this thread can be closed.

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Hi @BrunaErlandsson and @abec. Thanks for confirming. We’ll leave this thread open in case you or others have other questions or comments to add later.

Glad @pdavis could help with this one!