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Hi all,

I am using this API call to retrieve the results XML of a submission:


It works great. There are other related things that I would like to do - for example, I would like to be able to provide a DOI and see which batchfiles it has been a part of. I assume this is possible because I can do that on the admin portal.

I cannot find any documentation on these types of calls. Is there somewhere online that I can look to see what is available?



Hello @ajt_muse,

Thanks for posting.

Unfortunately there is not an API endpoint to retrieve that information which is a shame. We do hope to rectify this so that you can return the submissions that a DOI has been part of from a query URL but we have no timeframe on this currently. We also hope to have more items like that retrievable via an API related to the admin console.

Are there any other examples of information you would like to try and retrieve that you are not able to currently.


Thanks for the response Paul,

I can get the data that I need from the Crossref Admin page if need be,

I am working on a dashboard in our local environment to help our metadata specialist work with a very large volume (relatively speaking) of DOI submissions for multiple publishers. Through our normal workflow, we capture the batch submission information for a DOI, so I am able to make an API call to retrieve information about that submission.

In a rare case where a submission occurred outside of our normal workflow (like maybe from the crossref form submission) I would want to be able to make an API call to pull in information about that submission. It is not a “show stopper” but having the ability to do so would be nice.

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