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I wonder if there is any recommendation for depositing DOI metadata for Maps in Crossref?

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You have two options here. We don’t have a content type specific to images or maps but if they are part of a larger object (like a book or a journal) they can be deposited as a component: Component records are often registered for figures, tables, and supplemental materials associated with a journal article.

Alternatively, you can use our dataset content type to register content that doesn’t easily fit in any of the other types, including images (or maps). It has a very open-ended metadata schema.

For more information on dataset content, including sample deposit xml:



@ifarley Thank you! I will take a look, and I let you know if I have further questions about it.

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:+1: Great! Best of luck, @asoto!

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Interesting topic and useful, thanks! :handshake:


We publish geologic and other types of maps. Some are in print and have ISBNs, and some are released as PDFs along with geodatabases (GIS data). These maps are not ‘components’ of anything else and stand alone. I tried a validation test using the example ‘dataset’ XML. Apparently, it is possible to remove the ‘dataset’ section from the XML, and just use the ‘database’ for the DOI information. However, it won’t validate with an ISBN added. I think that my other only option would be to use the ‘report’ XML. I’d like to see how USGS is doing their XML for their geologic maps.

I think that adding maps to the Crossref schema is important. Maps are fundamental references in geology, biology, ecology, geography, and many other fields. Also, having a metadata field for scale would be very useful for metadata searches.


We haven’t had many requests to support maps specifically but we plan to support a number of types of content with a more generic content type in the future and maps can certainly be considered for that.

It looks like USGS is registering maps as reports, for example the DOI 10.3133/sim3501 has this XML registered with us:

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Yeah, I replied to this old thread because it was the only one I could find mentioning maps. Thanks for the link to the XML. It’s very helpful to see how the USGS is doing this.

If you decide to support maps specifically, I suggest that in addition to a ‘Scale’ metadata field (record the denominator of scale ratio), you could also add a field for ‘MapType’, fields for a bounding box in lat/long decimal degrees, projection details, and map datum. There is a lot more metadata applicable specifically to maps, but these are the basics. Engaging with the USGS and ESRI (among others) would be useful should you move forward on this.