Crossref/DOAJ MoU


Where can I find more information about what the MoU btw Crossref and DOAJ means? I.e.: What metadata will be shared? How will DOAJ be suported?


Hi @m.donoghue, The new arrangement is just beginning as of this month so we have a lot of work to do to share information before making concrete plans. We’re setting up a joint working group and when there are concrete plans you’ll find them on our new public roadmap (or via a blog post if there’s a lot to update on).


I’m the EIC of a small Open Access (no fees) Journal of 4 editions annually with on average 5-6 articles per edition for The Australasian College of Road Safety. We have just secured membership of DOAJ and are listed there. However, the individual articles are not in their database. I note that one can include Metadata into the DOAJ database but it is via a manual process not dissimilar to Web Deposit Form or Metadata Manager. DOAJ do have a process of bulk uploading Metadata but it is via an XML file.

My questions:
1/ is Crossref capable of generating an ‘export’ XML file of all of our article we have deposited in Crossref?
2/ Do I even need to worry about this if Crossref will be linking with DOAJ anyway via the MOU? Will all our Metadata be uploaded to DOAJ when you reach an agreement?
3/ If 2/ is happening then when do you estimate this to happen?

Thanks for your help - this forum is awesome!

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Hi @acrs. Thanks for your message, and welcome to the community forum (we like it too)! I have provided answers to your questions below.

  1. Yes, you can retrieve the metadata registered with us using our Deposit Harvester. Instructions are available here: Deposit harvester - Crossref. The metadata retrieved is in our UNIXSD output format, which delivers the exact metadata submitted in a deposit, including any citations registered.

  2. and 3. The agreement between DOAJ and Crossref will not result in us uploading metadata to DOAJ.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Kind regards,

Wow! I’ve looked at this but the coding is way over my head. I’m just a humble internet user.
I need a concrete example.
For example the line ```

How does this work?  I'm not a programmer. Our user name is 'ACRS' and prefix is '10.33492' and I'm assuming I pop in our password in the last field after equal sign - yes?

All I want is a compatible XML file with all of our metadata to upload to DOAJ.


Yes, you’d replace the word prefix with 10.33492; and replace the word username with acrs; and replace password with the password on your account (what you use to log in to

As I said in my previous message, you’ll get your metadata in UNIXSD output format, which I believe should be compatible with DOAJ, but you may wish to confirm that with them.

My very best,

Hi Isacc,

we typed in

We obviously type in our password as the last field and it gave us the following result.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 2021-11-12T23:20:20 Recipient does not have permission to view meta-data

Do we need any additional permissions to do this.

My son who is a programmer is helping us through this.
He is punching up a program for us.
How can he contact you directly to sort this out - via this forum or some other way?



Raphael from ACRS

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Hi Raphael,

Apologies for the confusion. Your username is acrs. Looks like that is incorrect in the query. If you can send me a message to, I can help your son troubleshoot this.

My best,

Dear Isaac,

Thanks for getting back to me.

My son’s email is per above.

Thank you.

Kind Regards



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Hi Raphael,

I’ll be on the lookout for your son’s message to

Thanks in advance,

Thanks for the message, Raphael. I’ve sent Simon a message to get this all sorted out.


Hi Isaac,
we managed to get the metadata loaded into DOAJ. Simon was too busy but our Administrator had a friend who was able to code it up and it worked. Our papers from the Journal of Road Safety DOAJ are now searchable. However, we got stuck with the previous version of our journal (Journal of the Australasian College of Road Safety - JACRS). I didn’t realize there is an on-line ISSN and a print ISSN. We have print ISSN but not an on-line ISSN. That seems to be required by DOAJ to make the XML file work for upload. Any ideas you can pass on to us about this dilemma we have encountered?
Regards Raphael

Hi Raphael,

Isaac (@ifarley) is away for the holidays, but he may have more to add when he gets back.

In the meanwhile, I can just verify that the xml that you get from our Deposit Harvester will just reflect the metadata that you’ve submitted to us. If there’s no e-ISSN in the metadata, then it won’t be present in what you get out of the Deposit Harvester either.

According to the DOAJ documentation, they only require a single ISSN, and they do not specify that it must be an e-ISSN. So, your print ISSN should be sufficient.

I suspect that you’ll need to ask DOAJ for help with this, but if you provide us with an example of an XML file after you’ve transformed it from the Deposit Harvester into the format that you’re sending to DOAJ and also tell us the exact text of the error message you’re getting when you try to submit it, we’ll be happy to take a look.


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Thank you Shayn for such a prompt reply. This is good to know! Our Administrator who handled the upload is having a Christmas / New Year break. I’ll get her in touch with either you or Isaac to sort it out when she returns in the new year. She will be able to send the latest version of the XML file she used for the JACRS where this was an issue. Have a good and safe break.

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Thanks @Shayn and @acrs . Raphael, we’ll be here should you or your administrator who handles the upload have any questions with the XML.

Happy New Year,