Creating Component registration XML

Hello Team,

I am implementing Component Registration by XML deposit. I am going to use the standalone registration as we do have components with one, some with more and some with no relation to a book.

In tag sa_component is a required attribute parent_relation. How to use it if a component has more than one relation? would I send two records with the same component but different parent_relation DOIs?

How to tag if a component has no relation to another publication?


Hi Herbert,

Thanks for your question.

Components are only intended to be used for supplementary materials (e.g. figures, charts, tables, etc.) that have a single parent-child relationship to some publication.

If an item exists in some way outside of one particular parent publication (article, book chapter, report, etc.), then it should not be registered as a component.


Thanks for clarification.
What about this:
Components may belong to more than one parent item. For example, two journal articles may include the same component DOI.
from here:


Yes, that’s kind of a grey area, but the gist is that the components shouldn’t have any kind of independent life of their own. They necessarily need to be in a parent-child relationship.

If there are two discrete articles that share an image, you can deposit the component DOI twice, once with each parent.


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