Books associated with funder


I would be interested to getting a list of (DOI’s to) all books / monographs arising from our funding council (Dutch Research Council NWO). I tried the following API call:


But only got 3 results back. (Ttype:monograph did not give a result a all). Am I doing something wrong or is it just the case that depositing funding information with book metadata is not yet community practice?

Hans / NWO

Hello Hans,

Thanks for your post.

So the query that you were using is only going to return the book level DOIs and I suspect you are looking for all DOIs against a book, so you might want to try using the “book-chapters” as a type value e.g.

This returns 39 results. If you want to retrieve what titles the DOIs are from, you can add a facet to the end like this:*

I hope this helps and if you have any further questions or queries on this or want more specific query URLs then please do reply here.