Adding existing journal and journal articles to Metadata Manager (example)

Submitted by: Luisa Bravo , Mar 15, 12:44

Hi Crossref,

I’m experiencing a problem with the deposti of on issue on the Metadata Manager of my OJS journal - - DOI 10.32891.
I just attended one of your webinars and asked for help.

This is my problem: I successfully deposited all articles included in our latest issue
Every issue of the journal includes a pdf which is the full issue, that collects all articles and the cover. The full issue was labelled as ‘draft’ on Metadata Manager and I couldn’t proceed with the deposit.
I tried to move all articles under the issue, but after moving them I received a message of error, that I’m attaching below.
Now I can’t see my articles, since anytime I try to enter my journal I see this message.

Can you please help me?

Thank you.

Luisa Bravo

Paul Davis , Crossref support, responded Mar 19 10:03
Hello Luisa,

Many thanks for your email.

So I think this might have been down to you adding your journal from scratch rather than searching on the database for it as it has been already registered with us.

I have attached two videos explaining how to add existing journals and articles to your workspace. I have removed the journal for you now and re-added this, try adding the issue first and then adding the articles into there again. I am hoping you do not see the error message again.

If you do then please send me over the issue details and I will try to replicate the issue.

I hope this helps and if you have any further question or queries on this then please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Many thanks,

Paul Davis
Technical Support Specialist

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Metadata Manager - Adding a previously deposited article to a journal (3.8 MB)

Very useful to new member as well as existing member new to Metadata Manager.

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Hello again!

I write on behalf of Prof. Natalino, ODERE Journal’s Editor-in-chief.

I think he is experiencing a similar problem as Luisa Bravo (first post) did. Similar but not the same. Unlike Luisa, the Error Message is not showing up. However the Articles from the newest issue cannot be found/matched.

I’ve checked a few articles and the results are the same. I will post here a DOI as an example and some screenshots.

Last Issue:

DOI of a random article:

The DOI has been deposited correctly. But as you can see on the screenshots below, the match is not working. I’ve tried using the name of the article and the DOI (in its different forms: https://; doi/; and still no success.

13 55

Any idea of what is going on and how we can fix that?:slight_smile:

Prof. Natalino is now part of the forum (@revistaodeere) and can help with any useful details…(welcome, btw!)

Hello Bruna,

Thanks for the collaboration.
After the course on using Crossref tools I tried to make the suggested adjustments. However, articles in the last issue are not appearing in Metadata manager.
The DOI deposit took place correctly in July 2019.
Thanks in advance for the collaboration.


Hi @ifarley, @pdavis, could you guys help us? :slight_smile:

Hi @BrunaErlandsson. Welcome to the community forum @revistaodeere!

The issue here is that the DOI in question PINTANDO BOCAS MONSTRAS POR MEIO DA PE-DRAG-OGIA | ODEERE was registered with us using the title ODEERE, as you can see from the metadata we have on record for this DOI (


The journal that you are working within in Metadata Manager is titled Odeere (UESB). Our system views these as two separate journals and thus when you search in Metadata Manager for articles that have been deposited using title ODEERE, a match is not found because you are effectively searching within journal Odeere (UESB).

You can redeposit the metadata for the DOI 10.22481/odeere.v4i7.5104 using the web deposit form or XML so that its title is correctly updated to: Odeere (UESB). That will allow you to eventually add the DOI to your journal’s workspace within Metadata Manager. I say eventually, because this is a known bug - allowing a journal article to be added to a journal’s workspace when the article has been associated with more than one title-level record during the life of the article (ODEERE and Odeere (UESB) in this case) - that we are working on fixing.

I wish I had a more satisfactory answer today, but we’ll get this fixed in the future so that you can have all of your journal’s articles live within your journal’s workspace.

My best,


Hi @ifarley, I knew you would have an answer for this :slight_smile::star_struck:

Prof. @revistaodeere, let me know if you understood Isaac’s explanation. If you need any help redepositing your metadata using the Web Deposit Form or XML, let me know and I can help you!


Dear @BrunaErlandsson Bruna and @ifarley ,

I was able to include articles by changing the title of the magazine from Odeere (UESB) to ODEERE and performed the search for articles.

I am requesting to change the title in the registration in DOI to ODEERE and make a new deposit of the two numbers that were registered with the title Odeere (UESB).

I appreciate the collaboration.

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Thanks @BrunaErlandsson.

@revistaodeere thanks for following up. I have updated the title in our records to ODEERE, so any new articles published using that title should have no problems. In addition, you may add any existing articles that were published using that title (the title must match exactly) to your journal’s workspace within Metadata Manager.

@BrunaErlandsson, could you help Natalino resubmit those journal articles that were previously published under the other title ( Odeere (UESB))? You can update those articles using XML or the web deposit form, as you previously mentioned. Natalino, if you’d like to try these resubmission (updates) yourself using the web deposit form, full instructions are here:

Kind regards,


Of course, @ifarley! :slight_smile:
Prof. Natalino @revistaodeere, reach me on WhatsApp if you need a hand!

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