Upcoming event of Crossref services presentation in Korean - 18th October 14:00 ~ 17:10

I am happy to inform you that as one of the Crossref Ambassadors, I will be moderating and giving short presentation on “Funder Registry (FundRef), Similarity Check” on Tuesday, 18th October.

This event is the second workshop for editors in Korea hosted by The Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies (KOFST).

The event is called, “2022 Workshop to strengthen the academic journal publication capabilities”.
Date: Tuesday, 18th October 14:00 ~ 17:10.

The workshop starts with lectures on copyrights, licenses and then moving on to Crossref services.
Apart from my talk on the “Funder Registry (FundRef), Similarity Check”, other Crossref services contents - meta data, data mining, ROR etc - will also be presented by other speakers.

I have attached the official timetable of the event (Korean).
So, anyone who speaks Korean and wishes to get some basic information on Crossref services and journal publication skills, you are more than welcome. There are no participation fees.

The workshop will be streaming alive on Youtube chanel, Naver TV, and Kakao TV - type in “한국과총” KOFST in Korean to watch.

Thank you!


Thanks for sharing @Yera . This sounds like a great workshop. Could you post the link to YouTube when it is available?

Best of luck with your talk,


I will post the link when I get the information.



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@Yera Any update on this recording? I’d love to see it!

Thank you Amanda for the reminder.
Here’s the youtube link of the recording.

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Terrific, thanks so much!