Reindexing a large number of records in the REST API

We recently completed development on some fixes and feature enhancements to the Crossref REST API. Soon, special characters will no longer be removed from DOIs during ingestion to the REST API, markup will be retained in titles, and resource URLs will be included in the JSON response.

In order to realize these changes across those records affected by these improvements, we will be scanning for and reindexing affected DOIs. We generally recommend you use the indexed date to retrieve periodic, incremental metadata updates. If you do, you will notice an increased number of reindexed records over the next few weeks.

Please reply here or contact us at with any questions.


As part of the work to no longer remove certain characters from DOIs during REST API ingestion, we reindexed those records so that all characters were retained in DOIs. We also removed the incorrect DOIs from our index.

If you need a mapping of new and removed DOIs, we’ve put together a mapping file: modified_dois.csv (6.3 KB)

Please see the below Gitlab issue for details.

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