References not showing up?

I am having similar troubles to an older post titled ‘References not showing up’ (sorry it won’t let me post links).
This recently published article (DOI 10.1080/1031461X.2023.2293837), references one of my book chapters (DOI 10.1007/978-3-031-10849-5_10), however, Crossref hasn’t seemed to pick up on the reference. Wondering if you have any advice on this? :slight_smile:
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Hi YC,

Thanks for your question.

Crossref’s Cited-by data only reflects instances when a given DOI is matched as being cited by another piece of content that:

  1. is also registered with Crossref and

  2. has references included in the metadata deposited by the publisher when they register its DOI.

Not all scholarly publications are registered with Crossref and not all publishers opt to provide references along with their DOI’s metadata, so we can’t claim that our cited-by counts are comprehensive representations of all instances in which a given content item has been cited. This may explain why you see different citation counts from other services (Google Scholar, for example) or don’t see the results that you’d expect in our service.

In this case, the publisher of 10.1080/1031461X.2023.2293837 has not included any references in its metadata record, so we can’t assert that it cites any other publications.

I did some quick checking, and it looks like Taylor & Francis, who publishes “Australian Historical Studies” hasn’t included references in the metadata for most of that journal’s DOIs. I can’t really speak to why that might be, or whether that’s an intentional choice on their part or not.

Thank you, Shayn!
I’m wondering if there is a way to request that the journal includes references in the metadata, or is that entirely up to the journal?
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Ultimately, it is the decision of the journal editors and/or the publisher.

We can pass your feedback along to our contacts at Taylor & Francis, so they can consider whether it’s possible to add references to “Australian Historical Studies” DOIs. You may want to contact them, or the journal editors, directly as well.

Thank you, Shayn,

Really appreciate your help and passing on that feedback to Taylor & Francis.

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