Participation Report - Improving REFERENCES %


My friend Gustavo is trying to improve the metadata of this journal Revista Brasileira de Educação do Campo (prefix 10.20873) and he is facing problems.

He is adding metadata via OJS and the percentage of his deposited References on his Participation Report is still down to 0.

I will show some screenshot he sent me and maybe the Crossref staff could help us to understand if there is anything that he is doing wrong and if he is actually depositing the references!

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I appreciate anyone who can help!

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Thank you @BrunaErlandsson! Welcome to the community forum @gustavo.araujo!

Gustavo, can you provide with examples of DOIs that you have tried to register references with using OJS? From there, I’ll need to investigate these examples to see what might be the issue.

Thanks in advance for the extra details,



Thanks for your help.
This is an example of DOI from a journal manuscript: 10.20873/uft.rbec.v4e4132

Best regards,

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Gustavo Araujo, Welcome to Crossref community.


This version of OJS already deposits References? I think not!.
If not deposit has to be done via Metadata Manager or Simple Text Query.

Hi @edamasio, good to see you around here!

Actually the new OJS 3.1.2 enables it.

Hello @gustavo.araujo and @BrunaErlandsson. I have reviewed the metadata that was submitted for the example DOI (10.20873/uft.rbec.v4e4132) that Gustavo provided and no references made it to us for that DOI, as you can see here:

We have only received one submission for that DOI. It was made back on 31 January 2019.

You’ll need to log into the admin tool and then click that link before you can review the submission details.

You can also see this here:


Hi @ifarley. Thanks for your help.
Can I solve this problem via Metadata Manager? If so, I’ll do it.

@gustavo.araujo, yes, you can do it via Metadata Manager, on the slides I sent you there are examples of how to do it properly.

But also, there is another easy way, as @edamasio mentioned (Simple Text Query), see below a screenshot:

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Thank you very much for your help @BrunaErlandsson !!!


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In STQ doesn´t click this button [List all possible DOIs per reference]


Thank you, Bruna and @edamasio. Good luck with Metadata Manager and/or the Simple Text Query form, Gustavo. Let me know if you have questions as you work through your updates.

Bruna and @edamasio I believe that use of Metadata Manager is good for reference deposit along with other detail of the article to save the time and deposit reference rapidly instead of use of STQ.

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Hi @anjum! I totally agree. I always encourage members to use Metadata Manager instead, since its so complete! I’m a major fan of this tool, haha

However, I have checked the Participation Report of Gustavo’s Journal and its metadata is actually rich, apart from the references :slight_smile: So, in his case Simple Text Query would do the job, haha.


I’ve been using Metadata Manager for over 10 months and feed all possible metadata and deposit the references. It is much better. haha


Thanks to Crossref persons who worked/working for Metadata Manager. I appreciate the original idea for creation of Metadata Manager.

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Thanks to your colleagues @BrunaErlandsson @edamasio @ifarley @Anjum for their help!


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I read this correspondence as an exciting adventure. The high culture of the dialogue participants is particularly striking. The Crossref team is always on top. There is no knot which they could not unravel!