Membership of the Crossref

As a member of the Crossref, does this require that there be a limited number of articles published by our journal in a year?
If the our journal wants to be a conference sponsor and publish all conference articles in a special issue , will all articles be obtained doi ? Is it necessary to inform Crossref?


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You can get doi for any articles including conference articles etc. There is no minimum or maximum registration limit for doi. There is no need to inform Crossref if you want to obtain too many doi at a time. However, doi should not be duplicated.

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As @Anjum said above, you can register as many (or few) DOIs as you like once you become a member.

We collect metadata for many items relevant to scholarly communication. Our defined content types are:

  • Journals: includes records for journal articles, as well as supplemental materials
  • Books: book-level and/or chapter-level records, books can be deposited as a monograph, series, or set.
  • Conference Proceedings: information about a single conference and records for each conference paper/proceeding
  • Datasets
  • Dissertations
  • Peer Reviews
  • Posted content: consists of preprints, eprints, working papers, reports, dissertations, and many other types of content that has been posted but not formally published.
  • Reports / working papers
  • Standards
  • Components: typically assigned to parts of a whole, most commonly including figures, tables, and supplemental materials for a journal article.