Get in on the Action: Help shape our website with your feedback

We’ve got some fun, exciting news to share. We have moved our website hosting to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and made the source to it publicly available on GitLab so everyone can access and contribute to our website development!

AWS is a cloud computing platform that offers a wide range of services, including storage, databases, and networking. We had to ensure that all the special applications and coding on the site were migrated correctly so as not to disrupt the user experience. Moving to AWS was a tricky project that required careful planning. Despite the challenges, it gives us numerous benefits, including scalability, reliability, flexibility, and consistency. For example, it allows us to easily adjust our resources to accommodate fluctuations in traffic and demand, ensuring that our website remains responsive and available to users. Also, consolidating our platforms through AWS helps us maintain a consistent, streamlined website.

Making the repository public allows the community to share invaluable insights and ideas where documentation and resources can be improved or expanded. By collaborating with you, we hope to foster a sense of ownership among contributors and create a better user experience overall.

How do you share feedback?

You can share your feedback on content by creating a merge request on the new crossref-website repository.

Our website team will review all submissions, and we’ll either merge the changes or contact you for additional information. For guidance on creating a merge request, you can look at GitLab’s documentation.

If you spot something that needs to be fixed, like a broken link, you can create an ‘Issue’ by opening a GitLab ticket. We’ll take it from there.

In addition to moving our website repository to AWS and making it publicly available on GitLab, we have also decided to change our official font from HelveticaNeue to Inter. The rationale behind this decision was that Inter is open source, supports hundreds of languages, and has a variety of weights, making it flexible for use in different systems and graphic design. As a result, we’re updating our brand guidelines, website, slide decks, and document templates to use Inter and will remove HelveticaNeue from all our platforms.

We look forward to hearing your feedback to improve and evolve our website. By having ‘more eyes’ on the content, we can make it more useful. So don’t be shy—share your feedback and ideas with us today!