Crossmark and new author

Is Crossmark projected to trace changes in the list of Authors ?

Fausto Passariello - Vaasculab

Hi @vasculab ,

Thanks for your message. The custom metadata in Crossmark could be used in this way, but can you help me understand a specific use case of where this might occur? I believe we’d just recommend that the correct authors be included in the contributor metadata to start and if there were updates that needed to be made over time (e.g., because some contributors were inadvertently left off a work) to the metadata that those authors be added to the contributor metadata. But, yes, the custom metadata in Crossmark allows you to tailor what you are presenting and provide adequate context.

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Thanks ifarley,
Yes you correctly understood the issue.
Practically, an Author asked to me as Editor to add a contributor as another Author of an article, because he was incorrectly taken off of the work.
The paper was published in 2018, thus I have to change not only the associated metadata of the DOI of the article (which can be done by means of a common DOI update), but also I have to modify the pdf, exactly in the list of Authors and affiliations.
Modifying the pdf arises the issue of tracing the change with Crossmark, which allows to have the history of changes.
I hope I was able to describe correctly the issue.
Thanks for your help.

Fausto Passariello