Add funder's embargo period to Funder Registry

In order to more effectively comply with our authors’ funders’ OA embargo policies (e.g. " The Version of Record or Author’s Accepted Manuscript must be free to view and download from an online publication platform, publishers website or institutional or subject repository within 12 months of publication.") we’re looking for a central registry of funder embargo policies. Having this would mean that we can say for this DOI with this Funder Registry ID, look up the embargo policy and make it free at the appropriate time.

I don’t know of any such centralized list, but the Funder Registry seems to be a logical place to store it. Thoughts/ideas welcome!



Hi Richard,

I can pass that suggestion along to our Product team. They’re regularly in communication with Elsevier, who provides the registry and ultimately decides what new data to add.


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Thanks Shayn, much appreciated. I don’t see it in their “Funding Institutional” demo online but will be interested to hear their thoughts.