OAI-PMH set specs changing when journal publishers change?

The doc for the OAI-PMH API explains that the “specs” (set id) for the sets corresponding to each journal are composed like this:

J:10.{publisher id}:{internal journal id}

The publisher id is the same that is found as part of publisher-issued DOIs for publications.

It happens that journals change publishers. I’m wondering what that does to the OAI set specs since those are publisher-specific. It looks to me like this results in the ListSets verb giving different specs over time. For example, I previously found:

Studia Psychologica → J:10.21909:302382

But I now find this:

Studia Psychologica → J:10.31577:302382

My main question is, will retrieving the most recently listed spec include the items previously included under the old spec? If not, how can I retrieve ALL the specs for a journal? As far as I can tell ListSets returns one spec per journal id.


Hi, and thanks for your question.

Yes, the current setspec should include all items assocaited with that journal, regardless of which prefix “owns” the journal record.