Missing mime type

I am missing audio/wav in mime types in common5.3.0 / 5.3.1
We need to register components of that type.

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Hi @hbarkmann,

How about audio/x-wav instead?



I am creating the XML on a windows maschine using .NET technology.
To set the mime type for the component “format” value I call a .NET function and receive audio/wav as mime type from the system. There is obviously some mix up going on with these two mime types, see:

It would be very helpful if audio/wav is in the list of accepted types along with audio/x-wav.

Hi Herbert,
Unfortunately we aren’t easily able to update our support for new mime types - it requires updating our input schema and migrating to a new schema version. I will try to get this change made in an upcoming update but it won’t happen any time soon.

We don’t get many requests for new mime/media types, but since we ask for this metadata, we should be able to support what you need to send us. I’ve created a user story to look at this issue overall in more detail: As a Crossref member I want up to date mime/media types to be supported in Crossref metadata (#671) · Issues · crossref / User stories · GitLab but will also try to do a quick update to include audio/wav.

I’m sorry we don’t have a better solution for now, but we’ll try to get this updated.

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