Metadata that contains inline MathML or TeX code

Hi all,

I’d like to know what is the recommended way to encode metadata that contains inline MathML or TeX code, for instance:

        <article-title>Uma Reflexão de Professores sobre Demonstrações Relativas à Irracionalidade de <inline-formula><mml:math display="inline" id="m1"><mml:mrow><mml:msqrt><mml:mn>2</mml:mn></mml:msqrt></mml:mrow></mml:math></inline-formula> </article-title>
        <trans-title-group xml:lang="en">
          <trans-title>Teachers' Considerations on the Irrationality Proof of <inline-formula><mml:math display="inline" id="m2"><mml:mrow><mml:msqrt><mml:mn>2</mml:mn></mml:msqrt></mml:mrow></mml:math></inline-formula> </trans-title>

Thanks in advance.

Hi @gustavo.fonseca . Apologies for the very delayed response. I believe you may have submitted your question before we had all of our notifications setup for this category of posts, so we simply missed your question. I’m very sorry about that!

You may find information about including MathML in your deposits and example XML here:

Take a look and let me know if you have any additional questions,